Perspective: Nidaa Bukhari, MPH Student, College of Public Health

Nidaa attended the following Art In Health workshops during Fall 2013: Studio Art, Museum, Movement. She spoke with me afterwards at the USF Contemporary Art Museum.

What’s your field of study at USF?

I’m a public health student studying for a master’s in environmental and occupational health.

Where do you see yourself in the future, professionally?

I love animals, which is very different from what I’m studying. I’m thinking within the field about safety in places where there are animals, like zoos. There’s a connection because my bachelor’s degree was in biology.

Why were you interested in the Art In Health workshops?

Because it’s something different than what I’ve always studied—science, biology. The thing that caught my attention was art and health. How are they going to be connected?

Did you get an answer to that question during the workshops?

I was surprised, actually, by how it links. The value is very big. I have always been so scientific—I never thought that there were other surrounding areas that can be related.

How did what you experienced in the workshops relate to your work?

Something for me now is dealing with people and how body language is important. How you look and how you see things, or how different people see things in different ways. Not only in my education am I going to benefit, but also in my life.

Each workshop was different. In the museum—I thought it was going to be very boring, but it wasn’t. Seeing how other people see and think, or how the artists were thinking was interesting. In the movement workshop, how do you deal with your body, how different movements can say different things. In drawing workshop, how you pay attention to details and deal with them. They connected it with seeing pictures of skin problems and describing what you see.

Would you recommend the workshops to others?

Yes, definitely.

The image below is an iPod self-portait made by Nidaa during the Museum workshop. 


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