Art In Health in the News

Two recent articles have explored Art in Health and the story of Tom Day, a veteran who suffered a stroke in 2009 and has since participated in Art in Health. The Osprey Observer’s story USF Clinic Uses Art As A Means To Help Aphasia Patients Communicate looks at the interaction between the Art in Health program, the USF Speech-Language Clinic, and Arts @ The Clinic.

Dolores 01Dolores Coe, Art in Health Studio Instructor and the Arts @ The Clinic Program Coordinator

The Observer News, of Ruskin, Florida, focuses on the story of Tom Day in The remarkable development of an artist. Day has been using art to regain speech following his diagnosis of Broca’s Aphasia and Apraxia. Day showcases his work on his website Artist By Day.TomDay-3x4-300Tom Day, artist and Art in Health program participant

Header image:
Thomas Day
Sunset Headway, 2015
oil on canvas
18″x 24″

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