Art in Health 2015 Workshops

Over the past few weeks USFCAM hosted a series of Art in Health workshops in collaboration with USF Health. These workshops were geared towards enhancing observation skills in students in health disciplines. There have been several studies conducted by Harvard Medical School that have found success in challenging students in health to use Visual Thinking […]

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Art In Health in the News

Two recent articles have explored Art in Health and the story of Tom Day, a veteran who suffered a stroke in 2009 and has since participated in Art in Health. The Osprey Observer’s story USF Clinic Uses Art As A Means To Help Aphasia Patients Communicate looks at the interaction between the Art in Health […]

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Fall 2013 workshops open for enrollment

Enrollment is open for the Fall 2013 USF Art In Health workshops! This semester we’re offering a series of three workshops: Workshop I – Studio Art (collage, drawing and visual observation exercises), Workshop II – Museum (facilitated discussions of visual artworks) and Workshop III – Movement (body awareness, movement observation and practice). Click here to sign up. Schedule: […]

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