Art In Health at the USF Contemporary Art Museum is an initiative dedicated to exploring interdisciplinary collaborations and research across art and healthcare. The initiative consists of two programs. The Art of Attending is a series of observation training workshops open to graduate students in healthcare disciplines including medicine, public health, physical therapy, pharmacy, nursing, social work and speech-language pathology, offered at USFCAM in collaboration with USF Health. Arts@the Clinic is a weekly art-making group for aphasia patients held at the USF Speech-Language Clinic in collaboration with the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences.

Established in Fall 2012, The Art of Attending workshop series aims to strengthen students’ observation, communication and critical thinking skills by using inquiry-based methods including Visual Thinking Strategies. This structured art discussion format, known as VTS, was designed by a museum educator and cognitive researcher to improve visual literacy through open-ended conversations about art that encourage evidentiary reasoning, tolerance of ambiguity and perspective taking. VTS-based curricula for healthcare students have been successfully developed and implemented at Harvard University, the University of Miami and the University of Texas at San Antonio. The unique pedagogy of USF’s The Art of Attending workshops incorporates VTS but expands to include inquiry-based activities from disciplines of studio art, dance and music, taught by interdisciplinary USF faculty.

Established in Summer 2013, Arts@the Clinic engages undergraduate art students as instructors in a weekly art-making group for aphasia patients. Under the supervision of Art In Health instructor Dolores Coe and clinical faculty of the USF Speech-Language Clinic, students develop structured art lessons for patients who are experiencing cognitive impairment, often as the result of a stroke.

If you have any questions or are interested in participating in Art in Health, please contact us!

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